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Kitchen Extract System Cleaning to TR19 Guidelines

We offer high quality Service's in association with air ventilation and extract system's to a range of customers across the UK, providing 24 hours service 7 days a week. 

Our technicians are fully trained to the relevant guidelines and to the standards of BESA

Works are completed using the latest technology, such as rotary brush machines together with air movers and  inspection cameras to ensure ductwork is cleaned to a high standard and are proud accredited members of..


Ventilation Hygiene Specialist

Services we provide 


Extract System Cleaning

We carry out complete deep clean of your extract system to the TR19 requirements supplying a full written report.. 


Fire Damper


Our experts will manually release the fire damper and visually check the integrity of the mechanism..


Air Ventilation Cleaning

We ensure your ventilation is thoroughly cleaned to the TR19 standard to prevent the spread of illness..

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Laundry Ducting Cleaning

Laundry Duct  Cleaning

Microbiology Ductwork Testing

Microbiology Duct Testing

Industrial Cleaning



Ductwork Camera Surveys

Ductwork Camera Survey


Fog & 

Contamination Cleaning

Fog & Contamination

We deep sanitise and disinfect of all points of touch then once sanitising and disinfecting is completed to your tailored needs we then carry out a full fogging service to EN1650 / EN1276 or EN14476.  The fogging technique is an effective way of sanitising areas that conventional methods cannot reach in a limited time and with minimal disruption. COVID 19 cleaning is also available 

Why Choose Our Services 

We offer high quality Service's in association with air ventilation and extract system's to a range of customers across the UK, providing 24 hours service 7 days a week. 

GWS is one of the UK's Leading and Longest Running company's with 25 years experience in Ventilation Hygiene, providing Nationwide Coverage . we have vast knowledge and experience in all our sectors and are continually trusted by top named companies such as 

Extract System Cleaning
Kitchen Extract Cleaning
Kitchen Extract Cleaning TR19 Guidelines
Kitchen Extract Cleaning
Kitchen Extract Cleaning
Air Ventilation Cleaning
Air Ventilation Cleaning
Kitchen Extract Systeme Cleaning
Kitchen Extract System Cleaning
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