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GWS is one of the UK's Leading and Longest Running company's with 25 years experience in Ventilation Hygiene, providing Nationwide Coverage . We have Vast Knowledge and Experience in all our sectors and are Proud Accredited Members of..

Is your Building/Workplace Compliant?

Extract System Cleaning

Is your Kitchen Extract System compliant with the new TR19 Grease Guidelines?

Extraction systems can get clogged by fats, oils & grease, potentially becoming a substantial Fire Risk Hazard. We carry out deep cleaning of systems to the TR19 Grease Guidelines. Supplying a Full Written detailed Report to include Before and After Micron Readings, Photos and Certificate. 

When was the Fire Dampers last checked in your building?

All fire safety systems must be regularly and professionally maintained to ensure the safety of the building's occupants – a faulty fire damper will not prevent the spread of fire. With the enactment of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is now the building 

managers responsibility to maintain their fire safety systems. 

Fire Damper Testing

Air Ventilation Cleaning

Did you know Air Ventilation should be cleaned annually?

Overtime all ducting builds up grease, dust and debris which is nestling ground for all sorts of bacteria especially when temperatures are risen. We carry out cleaning to the following guidelines to ensure a good supply of clean air is 

distributed throughout the building; B&ES TR19, BS EN15780, HTM 03-01 and TM26. 

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Laundry Duct  Cleaning

Microbiology Duct Testing

Industrial Cleaning

Ductwork Camera Survey

Fog & 

Contamination Cleaning

Microbiology Duct Testing

Our team will collect surface samples in accordance with BS EN 15780 and TR19 guidelines. Microbiology testing will identify harmful microorganisms, bacteria and yeast all of which hold a threat to your health all of which could be within your ductwork. The level of microbiological contamination identified will determine any action required.


Why Choose Our Services 

We offer High Quality Service's in association with Air Ventilation and Extract System's to a range of customers across the UK, providing 24 hours service 7 days a week. 

Our Technicians are Fully Trained to the relevant guidelines and to the standards of BESA. 

Works are completed using the latest technology, such as Rotary Brush Machines together with air movers and  inspection cameras to ensure ductwork is cleaned to a high standard. 

GWS Specialist Cleaning ltd

GWS specialise in complete Ventilation systems From AHU and kitchen extraction systems cleaning and maintenance, To fire damper testing..


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