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Specialist Cleaning

Kitchen Extraction  System Cleaning Specialist


We specialise in complete kitchen and extraction systems, extractor fan, ductwork, canopy and all other aspects of cleaning cleaning. We have considerable knowledge and experience in maintaining extraction systems, having held contracts for a number of major national bar and resaurant groups as well as small independent pubs, restaurants and hotels throughout the uk. GWS also offer an arrange of other services, with contractors nationwide ready and waiting to attend your needs such as  installation and  maintainance .

Kitchen Cleaning

We offer a range of kitchen cleaning from single items to a full deep clean of you kitchen.

Extract System Cleaning

GWS Specialise in cleaning extract systems with over 20 years experience and working to close guidelines of TR19.

 Other Services

We offer a range of other services such as high level cleaning, Builders cleans, Filter sales, Service and Maintenance.

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