Air Ventilation Cleaning & Maintenance (AHU)

Why Clean Duct Work?

Over time all duct works build up grease, dust and debris which is a nesting ground for all sorts of bacteria especially when temperatures are risen. This can have an effect the Health and Safety within your workplace, without the regular cleaning and maintenance the design to bring people fresh air may actually be doing more harm than good. 

Legal Requirement

There are strict legal guidelines in place for duct cleaning leaving the building manager to ensure a good supply of clean air into the building, these can be found in B&ES TR19, BS EN15780, HTM 03-01 and TM26. 

Hi-tech clean

If needed we use a combination of cameras, rotary brushing, air moving and compressed air jet equipment to ensure your ventilation system is thoroughly cleaned to TR19 and TR19® Grease standards.

GWS are fully trained Technicians and  use the latest equipment such as rotary brush systems, air mover, specialist vac and inspection cameras, with this variety of equipment GWS can remove all types of contamination. Removing any dirt or dust that can build up causing potetional harmful bacteria which can spread throughout the system, increasing the spread of illness in your premises. 

Where microbiological contamination is an issue, we can disinfectant/fog system. A systems that is compliant to the TR19 Standards is more likely to ventilate fresh air providing comfortable and efficient working conditions.

Breath Healthy

Ducts that are populated by dust, dander, dirt, mold, vermin, and even virus such as common cold these dangerous hazards can be extremely detrimental to the health of inhabitants when the air starts blowing particulates out of ducts and into the interior air you breath. Your health can be affected in a number of way.

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Access Doors 

Access Panel Doors can be supplied and fitted where required. 

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