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Extract System Cleaning

Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

GWS specialise in extraction system cleaning Nationwide Servicing and maintaining systems to TR19 guidelines, The process removes grease and carbon deposits from the canopy, fan and ductwork.





We now provide a pre and post clean report that is filled in by the engineers on site, and a copy is left with the customer on completion of works. This report includes a full check of the system with recommendations/observations and any remedial work if needed. The engineer checks that the system is working correctly, lists any faults, bulbs out, wear on the fan, filters that need replacing etc.



All our engineers now carry Anemometers, and provide pre and post clean airflow readings. Since introducing this to our service, our customers are surprised at the difference in the readings and this proves just how much the suction is improved after cleaning.


We have extensive knowledge & experience, and proudly hold contracts for major national bar & restaurant groups, as well as pubs, restaurants & hotels throughout the UK. Over 50% of our new clients come from recommendations.

Call now on free phone 0800 169 5523 for a free no-obligation site survey, or use our ‘contact us’ page.

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Book a  survey with one of our specialist who will assess the system and give you a free quotation

What’s included in our cleans?-



Clean the canopies, internally and externally

Clean all the grease filters

Clean the plenums. (Void behind the filters)

Clean the duct work.(From the canopy and fan end)

Clean the fan, blades and cowling

Issue certificate to the standard of HVCA TR/19, necessary for buildings insurance;

Provide a report, with before & after airflow meter readings, and photographs.