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Specialist Disinfection Cleaning Services 

A rapid 24 hour response service provides reassurance that locations which could be affected by potentially hazardous situations are expertly and professionally attended to ensuring all sources of contamination are eradicated quickly and safely

Our deep sanitising cleaning includes deep cleaning of all walls, floors, all equipment and points of touch, once sanitising and cleaning is completed to your tailord needs we then carry out a full fogging service to EN1650 / EN1276 or EN14476. 

The fogging technique is an effective way of sanitizing areas that conventional methods cannot reach in a limited time and with minimal disruption.


GWS are offering a full Coved-19 Deep Clean service, GWS are well positioned as Coronavirus prevention cleaning specialists. We are able to offer specialist cleaning and decomtamonation areas in line with NHS cleaning procedures. We are perfectly set up to help with infection prevention deep cleaning of public space, schools, Restaurants and offices. Our experience in deep cleaning will help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 and aim to get your buisness back up and running as quickly as possible. 

We can also offer cleaning of fresh air intake supply, fresh air extraction and AHU (Air Handling Units) Systems along with chlorinated chemical fogging as these systems can harbour and spread many forms of bactria, viruses and mould spores 

GWS Specialist Cleaning ltd

GWS specialise in complete Ventilation systems From AHU and kitchen extraction systems cleaning and maintenance, To fire damper testing..


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