Industrial Cleaning

  • Warehouse Cleaning

  • Ventilation Hygiene

  • Builders Cleans

  • High Level Cleaning

  • Fire Damage

  • Kitchen Deep Cleans

  • Flood Damage

  • High Pressure Jet Washing

  • Gutter Cleans

  • Grounds Maintenance (staff Areas, car parks, Public Areas

  • Fogging/Decontamination Cleaning

  • Cellar Sanitisation/Cleaning

GWS Covers a wide range of industrial cleaning services. Our Engineers operate natiowide and we have earned a reputation as one of the country's most reliable and trusted industrial cleaning companies.

High Level Cleaning


GWS provide High Level Cleaning at a competative price. Our High Level Cleaning is suitable for inside and outside of buildings or structures. Our engineers are trained in all aspects of working at heights including access. Although High Level dirt sometimes can not be seen it does not mean its not there and this can cause a number of health problems.

High level areas both internally and externally in industrial fabricators, food manufacturers, retail and leisure facilities are often extremely difficult to keep clean and hygienic. They often require the use of specialist equipment and chemicals to ensure that essential high level cleaning is carried out in a safe and controlled manner.

In food manufacturing facilities it helps reduce the risk of costly product contamination taking place and the resulting spread of infection that can occur.

Our sky vac system is a safe solution allowing us to reach up to 4 storey's high, including in-accessible areas and meeting the latest regulations for heath and safety requirements. Due to the long poles and built in recordable camera, it replaces the expensive, inflexible and often undesirable time consuming cherry pickers and scaffolding. Our recordable monitor allows us to be able to see from ground level and ensure nothing is missed, we will also send you the footage of all works carried out if required. 

  • Fully Insured

  • 24 Hours 7 days a week

  • Nationwide coverage

  • IPAF

  • CSCS registered

  • Save Money! No Cherry Pickers, Scissors Lifts or Scaffolding!

  • Cleaning up to 40 Foot/12 Metres High.

  • Inspection Camera Technology for Precision Cleaning. 

  • With Little or no disruption to the Business.  ​

Regain that beautiful, warm effect from your original Pennant, Sandstone, Limestone Flagstone floor. Let our professionals,  strip, clean, seal and re-finish your flagstone floor, to a matt, satin or wet-look finish restoring its natural beauty.


We are specialist in cleaning and have carried out many projects. 

Flag stones are traditional and authentic looking, possessing warmth, charm and character.


Flagstone is a sedimentary rock that is split into layers along bedding planes. Flagstone is usually a form of sandstone composed of feldspar and quartz.

Material that binds flagstone are usually composed of silica, calcite, or iron oxide. The rock colour usually comes from these cementing materials. Typical flagstone colours are red, blue and buff.

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Flag Stone Flooring


Builders Clean


Here at GWS we have vast knowledge with over 25 years experience in Cleaning, We have been doing builders cleans on pubs, Hotels, Nursing homes Restaurants Ect.  We are reliable , Flexible and can react quickly to suit your needs. We cover new builds and all types refurbishment projects. We can work 24 hours 7 days a week to meet demand.


Most premises have a standard cleaning service. These are great at your standard cleaning but they often fall short at more in-depth cleaning such as carpets.  


carpets pick up a large amount of dirt through continued foot traffic, not to mention stains from food and drink. Without proper cleaning, office carpets can also become home to a range of parasites, including fleas, lice and skin mites. Only a professional commercial cleaning service can guarantee the deep clean necessary to restore your carpets to pristine condition

Benefits of carpet cleaning

  • Reduced risk of allergies among staff

  • Your carpets last longer

  • Good first impression on visitors

  • Helps remove odours from the premises 

Carpet Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

GWS offer a professional non disruptive warehouse cleaning service. 

Public Areas

Cleaning in retail and public areas is important because your customers will notice if something is dirty or out of place. Our cleaners are trained to be careful and  mindful or not just the premises but also the customers. 

GWS Specialist Cleaning ltd

GWS specialise in complete Ventilation systems From AHU and kitchen extraction systems cleaning and maintenance, To fire damper testing..


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