Full Kitchen Deep 


Kitchen Deep Cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to create a clean and safe environment. While giving the impression to all staff of the standards that need to be kept.

The cleaning of catering equipment is carried out with the use of our industrial cleaning equipment, and abrasive scrubbing methods. The equipment’s removable parts are fully dismantled and placed in our solution dip tanks baths, this process removes carbon snd grease deposits. The equipment will be fully deep cleaned by our highly trained cleaning operatives using all relevant chemicals and industrial machines; Osprey Steam Cleaners, Decarboniser Tanks, Industrial Floor Scrubber. 

This service GWS offer will increase hygiene within your commercial and prolong the life and efficiency of your equipment. Along with reducing the risk of a Fire and ensuring you comply with the Food Hygiene and Kitchen Safety Regulations.



What is included? 

  • Around the feet of prep surfaces

  • Seals of fridges

  • High shelves

  • Between walls and prep surfaces

  • Between units and equipment

  • Inaccessible parts of ranges, grills, fryers 

  • All equipment

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