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Fire Damper Testing

What is a Fire Damper?

A fire damper is a crucial passive fire protection product that is designed to stop a fire from spreading inside the ducting and through fire resistance rated wall and floors leading to other parts of the building. In the event of the rise of temperate the Damper will close usually activate by the thermal element which melts at temperatures above ambient but low enough to indicate the presence of a fire. They can also close following a signal from a fire alarm system utilising detectors remote from the Damper. 

Why Should fire dampers be tested?

Not only is it a requirement to comply with British Standard BS 9999 But testing fire dampers can also save lives ensuring they are working and fit for purpose.

How often should fire dampers be tested?

According to the updated BS 9999:2017 all fire dampers should be drop tested, cleaned and maintained at least every 12 months.

Who should test fire dampers?

Fire dampers should only be tested by a Qualified Technician, someone who is trained and competent in what they are doing. you should always check they have the certifications to prove their competence.

How GWS can help:

Here at GWS our engineers are fully trained and competent in carrying out all neccesary tests.

What GWS Will Do:

  • Locate Each fire damper to provide inventory of Dampers to be Tested. 

  • Access doors can be supplied and fitter if required. 

  • Each fire damper are manually drop tested, cleaned and reset.

  • Fusible Link to be inspected for any deformity or damage.

  • Provide records of each test including before and after photo's.

  • Report of any problems or recommendations.

  • Carry out any remedial work.

For a free quotation please contact our sales team on 0800 169 5523 

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